Love in the Time of Corona: Generosity in Strife—Pay It Forward

I just have to say how incredibly thankful I am to work alongside such caring and selfless individuals. This sweet soul and her chef daughter offered up some goodies via fb and I raised my hand, because I’ve been “shopping the pantry” and cooking from home, minus one DoorDash or two. However, after my millionth hot dog or turkey sandwich, nothing seemed appetizing. We have become a grab & go family during seclusion, because of work and homeschooling hours. I haven’t been hungry a lot this week, and I think it’s because of the stress and lack of sleep.

Cue Ashley: she offered up a homemade chicken pot pie and cake to anyone who was interested and then DROVE it over in the rain (not living in Kingwood, mind you), with an extra box of my favorite Girl Scout cookies, to boot! When I said how much I loved pot pies, Ashley told me it was her go-to comfort food, and I could see why, because it was a comfort to me/us from the first bite. When I gathered some cash to pay her, she would only accept cash for the cookies.

The chicken pot pie was AMAZING, and we are having some cake today, as we ended up eating so close to our bedtime that my already tornadoey six year old could not withstand a sugar rush (nor could I withstand the imminent all-nighter! 😂)

Y’all, she blessed us. I want to find a way to pay it forward. Once I can do a bit of restocking (no wild purchase of 40 cans of tuna, I promise), I’m cooking. Once I figure out a meal plan, I’ll offer up an option, and bring it by, to your driveway.

Kindness is free. Let’s keep sharing it.

~Kindred Spirit~ 3.21.20

Published by kindredspirit0107

I am a writer, director, teacher, world traveler, avid theatre-goer, photographer, spontaneous adventurer, at-home chef/baker, and collector of unique things. I am a wife & mother of two who is trying to balance the home and career. :) Passionate about learning and love. I hope, one day, to be a published writer or playwright for an educational Theatre company.

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