Love In The Time Of Corona: Turning Left

I thrive on itineraries. Maps. Reservations. I can make a killer to-do list. I get a secret thrill from checking boxes when something is finished. I’ve always had a compulsion to obsessively want everything planned out. Maybe it’s because I’ve been blindsided by defeat. Maybe it’s because surprises have been disastrous, rather than joyous, forContinue reading “Love In The Time Of Corona: Turning Left”

Love In The Time Of Corona: Peaks & Valleys

{insert two-month pause between posts, long overdue} Here I go again…and be prepared for a metaphor or two. I’m feeling figurative tonight. At the summit of a mountain, the landscape provides infinite possibility in its vastness, something the eye can only marvel at. Conversely, the insularity of a valley views a lot like one whoContinue reading “Love In The Time Of Corona: Peaks & Valleys”


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