Love in the Time of Corona: Let Nature Heal You

If there’s one thing that can turn a difficult day around, it’s walking through the trails with my family, listening to my daughter sing, spot swallowtail and monarch butterflies, and ask a million questions.

It’s watching my husband race her while she rides her dune buggy.

It’s seeing my infant son fall asleep peacefully as he is rocked to the rhythm of the wheels.

It’s seeing random acts of kindness written in sidewalk chalk, encouraging us to persevere.

It’s the evening sun breaking through the gray clouds, shedding light on all that is good and beautiful about life.

I’m glad we got this chance to savor it.

~Kindred Spirit~ 3.20.20

Published by kindredspirit0107

I am a writer, director, teacher, world traveler, avid theatre-goer, photographer, spontaneous adventurer, at-home chef/baker, and collector of unique things. I am a wife & mother of two who is trying to balance the home and career. :) Passionate about learning and love. I hope, one day, to be a published writer or playwright for an educational Theatre company.

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